Taking place over 3 days at the Central World Convention Centre in Bangkok. NTT Communications were hosting their annual kick-off meeting for the APAC region’s Sales Force.

Dimension Data & NTT Communications bring over 1,000 delegates to the event, fired up and ready to be inspired to sell, sell, sell.



To make this year’s conference more memorable than ever was my brief. But unlike many events, I was not required to host the conference. Instead, I was engaged to make sure the event’s C-Suite speakers added some magic all their own.



I was engaged to create mind-blowing moments to leave the audience scratching their heads for NTT. I was also there to make the CEO the star of the show, enhanc his keynote presentation, and those of 4 of the other high-profile internal speakers that day. Everything was to be as memorable, engaging and relevant as possible.

The result was the whole event became based on a single theme - James Bond – and for the opening sequence, I designed a bespoke illusion:



The show opens, a pre-shot film plays.

In it, a briefcase is revealed. Its contents? The secret to success!

That briefcase is then delivered onto the stage by a bad-guy on a zip wire (yep – we really did this). The briefcase is then placed onto a desk, centre stage, and abandoned.  

Under a single spotlight, the case opens and slowly, the CEO steps out!

Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

Working closely with the event producer and prop builders in Singapore, I oversaw the construction from my plans to completion. Attended rehearsals with the CEO and fine-tuning the choreography of his appearance were essential to maximise the effect.

For the Keynote speakers, I worked closely with them during the script writing process, exploring opportunities to use visual illusions to punctuate their points and really bring home the message.

Mindful of their busy C-suite commitments, the illusions needed to be impressive, meaningful and easy to do. Each one of the presenters stepped up - not only did they love becoming magician’s apprentices for a few days,  they all had their audiences in the palm of their hands, engaging with them on a whole new level like never before.


The Result

If you’d like to see a short film of my wonderful students working their magic at this event, please get in touch.

Finally, I then added some of my own magic by way of performing interactive themed close-up at the conference launch drinks reception.

All in all, a fantastic event.

A joy to work with all the way through – responsive, creative, adaptable and passionate. The illusions you created and the way you trained the presenters was awesome! It was an honour and pleasure to work with you.
— Peter Witts, Senior Producer, Aspect Ltd
Thank you so much for all your efforts in Bangkok - the feedback has been truly amazing - great stuff and well done! Creativity really wins through and your ideas helped enormously. Fantastic.
— Simon King-Cline, Founder & Owner, Aspect Ltd
David Howlett