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Never been one for tooting my own horn, but I thought I’d ask a few of my clients to write down what they thought of me - help put your minds at ease.

I was honoured by what they came back with.


Nigel is an incredible magician and compere - He is utterly professional, collaborative and more generally just a great person to work with.

Michelle Bryan-Low, senior director, ADS MARKETING & EVENTS, EME, Google.

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Nigel Mead is every bit as good as I’ve heard

PW, Bloomberg, London, 2018


His magic is incredible but he’s so much more than that.

Beth Kinerk, Senior Vice President of sales, Avis budget group.

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Nigel Mead, blowing my mind!

OG, Xerocon, San Diego, 2019


Nigel is flexible, adaptable, thrives under pressure and his performances are always well received.

Ruth Murphy, Senior Producer, INVNT, NYC.


He doesn’t just turn up, read some lines and leave - he works with us in the lead up to the event to make sure it’s great.

Jake Hughes, Managing Director, Hunter Design & Events.


His recognition that audiences differ - even if the client is the same - is spot on. His ability to engage is immense.


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Nigel Mead.

He is such a star.

PD, Tate Britain, London 2018

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Nigel was fabulous. Such a great host - kept the flow smooth and the laughs coming.

SA, Pacesetters, Prague, 2019


Fancy being a part of this list?

Nigel Mead, crowd pleaser

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