My First Love


I wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for magic - it’s my passion, my inspiration, and my craft. Magic has taught me everyhing I know about performance, and will be something I’ll continue learning from for as long as there are audiences to share it with. So if it’s a dose of the magical your event needs, this page is where to find out why we should talk.

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The difference between a crowd of ten or ten thousand? Absolutely nothing.

If you give me an audience, I’ll give you a performance. I have packages from close-up and intimate to set-pieces for centre stage. Big or small, my job stays the same - blow their minds.


“A Gold Starred Performer of the Inner Magic Circle”

I’ve been lucky enough to perform all over the world, from multi-million pound weddings to the most intimate of private parties. I’ve entertained 40 kings and queens, (including Elizabeth II herself), and spent more than twenty years honing what has proved to be a lifelong obsession with the art of making people say ‘wait, how did he do that?’.

For a sneak peak into the kind of show I put on for my clients, my magic showreel is below and you’re welcome to visit my dedicated magic site to find out more. Either way, if it’s a performer with pedigree you’re looking to find, we should definitely talk.