Professional Crowd Pleaser


My act includes moments of comedy, audience participation, interactive magic and everything in-between. It all depends what you’re trying to achieve.

Keen to keep an audience’s energy up over the course of a full day? No problem. Prefer to make your CEO disappear in a cloud of smoke after presenting the year’s financials? I can help with that too.

My act? It’s exactly what you need it to be.


Put on a show they’ll never forget…

The question I always ask first is ‘what tone are we setting?’

It’s the perfect starting point, allowing us to focus in on what’s really important so that from here, we can together weave what you want into every aspect of the show.

We then get into the details - what it is you’re looking to achieve, what are the key messages you want to land, what type of audience do we have to work with.

It’s in knowing the answers to questions like this that I can begin to make the magic happen.

You see, I don’t come with ‘an act’ in that it’s the same time after time for each client I work with - my act is first and foremost about having this carefully crafted approach.

And the show will always be better for it.


From Maidstone to Maui, people just want to be entertained. It’s up to us to figure out the rest.

If I host an event for you, I’m not just an ambassador for your brand - in the eyes of the audience, I am the brand. So I need to know your business inside and out if I want to come across as an authentic part of it.

So I make it my business to do my homework, because it’s only by doing this that I can make everything else feel spontaneous, natural - of the moment.

This approach is about putting you at ease so we can focus on crafting something unforgettable - considering the mundane to make way for the magical.


My Never Ending Box Of Tricks

Here comes the exciting part.

The long and short of the challenge each and every time, whether to an audience of 10,000 in Mumbai or as part of a 5 day event in France, is that it’s about connecting with the audience as an active participant.

This is where my Box of Tricks comes in - once we’ve asked and answered all the questions we need to, I can begin working through the broad strokes of the show.

Sometimes using magic helps, sometimes it’s more about making people laugh. Do we need a big ‘wow’ moment to liven up the audience, or rather leave them engaged and ready for what’s next to come - no two shows are ever the same.

So whatever it is you want from your event, we’ll get there together. And as I assure my clients each time I do this, my Box of Tricks hasn’t run out yet.