For the 45th year anniversary of American Express’s Global Business Travel Expert get-together – Pacesetters – Prague was the destination.

Over 1,000 AMEX staff get together to learn, network and celebrate across a 5-day event of General Sessions, Community Projects, Gala Dinners, Showcases and some pretty incredible parties.



My brief was to be a ‘wonderful host’, again (their words, not mine). No pressure!

My job was to take control of all the stage time, to ensure the shows had depth, colour and purpose and delivering moments of pure entertainment.



Having hosted seven times previously, Pacesetters is an event I know well.

However never complacent, I always want to make this year the best year. So, working closely with the internal communication team at GBT in the lead up, fine-tuning my content was imperative to delivering a strong performance.

Informed by previous years successes (and a few failures), I was able to offer some strong items and even dipped into my Box of Tricks.


Like previous years, I collaborated with the U.S production company regarding my hosting duties and pre-recorded films, shot entirely on location in Prague.

I also assisted in ensuring the over-arching narrative of the event was communicated clearly throughout the stage time. ensuring a great time was had by all and some key business messages were firmly lodged in their thoughts as people returned to their offices around the world.



With many attendees feeding back it was “the best yet”, we can safety say it was a huge hit! As a result, I will be enhancing my role for 2020! At Pacesetters Miami - a real honour!

I’m pleased to say I will remain as the event host but am also super excited to get creative in my new role too. Roll on South Beach!

Nigel was delightful to work with. Thank you for being a true professional!
— Dusty Heinzmann, Executive Producer, VIVA Creative.
An incredible experience working with Nigel – really loved his dedication, ideas and how much fun he was to work with. Appreciate his amazing talent!
— Justin Toops, VIVA Creative.
Nigel did a fantastic job - as always
— Paul Tessitore. Senior Director, AMEX Global Business Travel
Nigel is great on stage and truly inspires and engages the audience in a motivating manner
— Robert Winkler MD, Global Accounts, Sabre Travel Network.
Thanks a million again for such a great event
— Gerald Petkau, Senior Meeting Manager, Amex GBT.
David Howlett