Xero is a brand brilliantly disrupting the world of accountancy and Xerocon USA is its flagship event, growing every year.

Two days of brand updates, breakouts, brilliant keynote speakers and a showcase with more swag than Kim Kardashian.


San Diego played host to Xerocon 2019 and I was invited along to host the whole thing!

My relationship with the brand dates back to 2016, having met the ELT at a Google event at Cannes Lions which resulted in me being invited to perform at Xerocon South in Brisbane, Australia later that year.

Then in 2017 I hosted Xerocon, London to an audience of 2,500. Now was the turn of the Americans, hosting the main stage and filming content for the brand’s social channels.


Drawing on my experience of previous Xero events and knowledge of the product (I’m a Xero user and highly recommend it), I was able to consult with the New York production company and offer the best of my ‘box of tricks’.

They worked great; connecting with the audience and keeping up the energy and focus throughout the 2 days.

In between introducing keynote speakers and generally being ‘the face’, I worked closely with the Xero’s in-house social team, creating online content, interacting, and interviewing the attendees whilst they visited the exhibition showcase.


The engagement across the entire event was a total joy and resulted in the quote below from Xero’s Global Head of Events - stuff like this makes me love my job that little bit more.

The best MC we’ve EVER had
— Cara Weers, Global Head of Events, Xero
Totally, totally star stuck by @nigelmead at #xerocon. He’s SO magic!
— Xerocon attendee via Twitter
David Howlett