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Q. How do you make 1,200 people feel like winners when there’s only 84 awards to be handed out?

A. Shake things up a bit.

The event

The Pinnacle Awards Dinner included an audience of over 1,200 all needing something nice to eat with nothing but entertainment and their undivided attention in return. So at Washington DC’s Gaylord National Harbour Resort, it was my job to give it to them.


The brief

The Dinner was the first time all departments of the business were set to come together for one big awards night. And big it was: 84 awards were being presented and due to the success of a previous engagement, my brief was ‘shake it up’ . Create a fun, engaging evening for this new direction that the awards night was now taking.  

I was booked to host the entire evening, ‘keep things moving’ and to perform bespoke pieces that would incorporate elements of the business messaging from the wider conference throughout that day.


The solution

Working closely with the brand’s US creative agency, I tailored a set of scripts and built a bunch of material around the evening’s theme. Needing to keep the energy high throughout, the end solution was in cleverly interspersing the awards with fun - some audience participation to break the monotony for all involved at exactly the points they’d be needing it. Working like this, I tasked myself with the promise that it wouldn’t just be the award winners that had fun that night, but every single person of the 1,200+ crowd who’d go home feeling like a star. It resulted in a fantastic evening for all and some lovely audience feedback too...

I didn’t win tonight, but I had a great time! Nigel Mead was fantastic!
— Brody Pullman, audience member
We can’t tell you how thrilled we are with how the awards evening went - the hard work that you put in really paid off!
— Ruth Murphy, Client, Senior Producer
Nigel Mead