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Every year, a hundred of the world’s top YouTube Stars are flown somewhere exotic to celebrate their success for a week of fun in the sunshine, networking opportunities, and interesting speakers to learn from. In 2017, the destination was Madrid and I was lucky enough to be invited along.

The brief

My task from the YouTube Team was simple - to keep everyone buzzing. So I was there to engage and entertain the audience in between the scheduled guest appearances, panels and speakers arriving on-stage. Which meant I needed to deliver a show that would keep the energy up, be fun, and get everyone hyped for who’s to follow. So in short, I was there to surprise and delight the crowd and keep the energy flowing. The not-so-simple part was that I had to live up to the likes of talent like Joe Suggs, Casper Lee and PewdiePie if I wanted to share a stage with them, keeping the audience on the edge of their Gucci Slides as I did so.

The solution

Working closely with the YouTube events team, I adapted several of my interactive performance pieces to be tailored seamlessly with the theme of the Summit itself. Designed to capture both the imagination and attention of the audience, they were there to re-energise the room but also be relevant to the topic of the next segment too. I then carried the show across to the networking sessions, maintaining the buzz we’d already created with the main event. I was now there to help get people together, engaged and talking.

 It worked too, and as a result, I’ve continued working with the YouTube team at various events, including appearances at House Festival.

You were a total hit! You did a great job - thank you!
— The YouTube Team
David Howlett