One of my proudest professional achievements - perhaps my proudest, in fact - was always that I made it; to be part of the elusive Magic Circle was a dream come true. Until I discovered that there’s an Inner Magic Circle, that is…

Since its formation in 1905, the Magic Circle quickly became known all over the world as the premier magical society in the world of magic and illusion. With an international membership of around 1500, each dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic, I’ve been a member since I was just 18 years old - the youngest age possible to become a member, in fact.

Being part of the Magic Circle opened up so many doors for me - performing at numerous private and corporate events held at the HQ, I have even hosted the public Magic Circle Christmas Show in London’s West End for a run of 16 sell-out shows!

But my greatest honour came in 2014 when I was invited to become a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star.

The Gold Star puts me at the highest level a member can achieve, and one that never exceeds 250 members worldwide. I received this in recognition of my live performances and television work and am proud to say I share this position with the likes of David Copperfield, Penn & Teller and David Blaine.

A dream come true, and a truly magical feeling.

I regularly appear on the bill at the public shows of ‘At Home with The Magic Circle’, at the HQ’s theatre in London. If you ever fancy coming along as my guest, let me know.

David Howlett