I don’t care if it’s a crowd of two or 10,000

The buzz I get is exactly the same.

I’ve been lucky enough to perform all over the world, from multi-million pound weddings to the most intimate of private parties. I’ve entertained everybody from HM the Queen to Robert DeNiro and I’ve made over 50 TV appearances, often in sketches that I have written myself.

I love performing.

I just feel comfortable up there. What I’ve learnt is that this is a great advantage because if you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself, everybody else relaxes and enjoys themselves with you.


“One of the Worlds Top Magicians”  ITV2

“Startling Entertainment”  Tatler                                                                      

“Awesome wit and talent”  The Times Online          

“Truly Amazing”  Steven Spielberg

Recent Clients

Bernie Ecclestone. Private Party. London

The Grand Ball. Venice

Billionaire Birthday Party. Capri

VW. Car Launch. Russia