6d5e01ff-be12-771d-8db6-364febdadef8Truly Magical India


Thank you to all those who came to my shows in India (all 18,000 of you!). It was an amazing trip, visiting some fascinating cities and meeting some truly lovely people. It was my…

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4a53b42d-d46b-8720-df80-a4e9db90cd2cNew TV Show Coming Soon….


It has been a busy few weeks shooting a new show for ITV2. I can’t say anything about it yet but it’s been a blast so far! Follow me on ‘Twitter’ as I’m sending…

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d781e888-6d97-3dbb-b8d8-18ccf6128f14Happy New Year!


2011 looks like a busy year with most UK Television Channels getting excited about magicians being back on the telly. BBC1 is screening ‘The Magicians’, a show which I performed for at their live…

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98295a1a-8e12-b6c4-b095-e76f88594354Christmas is coming…


It’s that time of year when the festive bookings are filling up the diary. So plenty of live events along with a fun filming project for Bouyges UK, which I’ll put online soon. On…

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2da172d3-3e06-e57d-b0d5-96e11e898344A MONTH OF HOSTING


I’ve just returned from another great week performing, again with some fantastic people at the Babyliss / Boots conference – a real pleasure! Other recent events include hosting the ‘UK Bartender Finals’ in Covent…

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c059d2fb-d7ad-a0c7-df76-6ab4c4890035SELL OUT SHOW!


The Lisbon Magic Festival was a great week with huge crowds, lovely people and a nice editorial piece in the ‘Jornal de Noticias’ newspaper. Back in the UK the ‘Peters Friends’ show in Bristol…

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bb313b1c-0267-d75d-f051-8f9115c6e813Public Magic Shows


If you find yourselves in Lisbon, Portugal this August make sure you come along and see my shows. I’ll be performing at the ‘Lisbon Magic Festival’ 24th – 27th August. Then I’ll be returning…

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f8c92783-3646-cfe4-75db-c6a53f607f55American Magic


Since January 2010 I have been consulting for a huge live event for American Express which recently took place in Orlando, Florida. Using the theme of ‘the magic of American Express’, I wanted to…

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a6ee8022-5dcd-35a4-819d-404e98390aadMagic in the Middle East


Back in January 2009 I had the idea for a silent comedy magic TV show and in June 2009 I was lucky enough to get MEEM commissioned by the Al Jazerra’s Children’s Channel. I’m…

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0c99aafc-384a-ac46-bfcf-cf745df02317Celebrity Charity Magic


Royalty, rock stars and a cocktail bar on a carousel – the ARK charity bash had it all. I was invited to entertain at this years event which raised £14.1m ! (£1m shy of…

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